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Impressions after the Comenius visit in Poland


Our impressions after the Comenius guests’ stay


We asked some students who took part in the activities led during the visit to describe those days. They described everything that happened and also their impressions here they are:



Day 1 (Sunday)


On the first day about 3 a.m. we got the news that guests from Italy and Turkey were going to be in Chybie soon. We arrived at the car park and waited for the bus. When they arrived we took their luggage and we went home. After coming home we had time for some conversations and we spent the evening nicely.Our English and Estonian guests came later, at 8 pm. What we felt during the arrival was just one big excitement. We were nervous and also happy because the week which we were looking forward to for such a long time had just begun. So the beginning of visit in Poland under the Comenius project we consider to be successful!


(written by Maria Sosna & Karolina Pieknik, translation: Marcelina Piechaczek)




Day 2 (Monday)


On Monday our guests were officially greeted by our head teacher. It was very nice because she wore a regional costume. Then the guests went to visit the rest of our school and we prepared some ice-breaking games which we played after their comeback. Everybody had good fun. Next all students from our school came to see presentation from the foreign countries. They showed us some local souvenirs, objects associated with their school etc. Afterwards we had a lunch break and then we went to Cieszyn. The guests had an occasion to learn about our local traditions and culture. I think everyone was interested in that trip and pleased.


(written by Sebastian Sudol & Wojtek Kajstura, translation: Marcelina Piechaczek)




Day 3 (Tuesday)


On the third day the students had an occasion to see what our classes are like. They took part in Geography, Maths, Physics and Chemistry lessons. There for sure they learnt tons of interesting things. Next students from Estonia and Turkey presented themselves. We learnt their anthems, dances and culture. Then we went to local youth club to have some dance and music workshops. Everything was fantastic. The group showed their high strength. But the best thing was that everyone had a great time!


(written by OliwiaSona & Marta Golyszny, translation: Marcelina Piechaczek)






Day 4 (Wednesday)


This day was great. About 9 am our RE teacher and his assistant s conducted board games class. We had a lot of laugh. After the great fun, there was time for short break. Then we had classes with our guests from Italy and England. We found out many interesting things about English and Italian culture and traditions. Then we had a lunch break and after that we went to "Klaps"- our local film club. We learnt how to edit videos and tried to shoot it. We also had a film class and photo session. The day was really great!


(written by Wiktoria & Dominik Puchalka, trasnlation: Dorota Stasicka )






Day 5 (Thursday)
On Thursday we went on a trip to Cracow. Tour participants met at 6:30 at the school. First we went to Wieliczka Salt Mine. We visited many caves and tunnels, and ate dinner underground. Then we went to the Wawel Castle, where we spent two hours and then we went to the square. We visited St. Mary's Church and then had a lot of free time for shopping. After all we went back home tired, but satisfied.


(written by Karolina Pieknik &Jakub Zimnol)






Day 6 (Friday)


We started Friday with decorating frames. When we finished, we put our photos from photo session we had taken on Wednesday. Every frame was original and wonderful. After a short break we went to our bus. The way to Pszczyna took half an hour. We visited a castle there and found out many interesting things about the history of that place and the town. Then we went to the park and saw bison and peacocks. Then we went back home. Everyone enjoyed the trip.


(written by Jedrzej Pisarek & Jarek Rzyman, translation: Dorota Stasicka)






Day 7 (Saturday)
For Saturday we planned a trip to Bielsko- Biala. So, about 9 a.m we left school. First we went to Szyndzielnia, where we had an opportunity to ride the cable car and go on a short mountain trip. After a rest in mountain hut we went to the shopping centre. There we had 2 hours free time. Right from the
trip we went to farewell campfire, where we had a last chance to met all the foreign guests. When everyone ate their dinner, it was time to say goodbye, take some photos and shed tears. The trip and the party passed in friendly atmosphere. We had a lot of memories from this time.
(written by Marcelina Piechaczek & Dorota Stasicka, translation: Dawid Dopart)




Day 8 (Sunday)
The last day was the time of farewells. The friends from Turkey had to leave in the middle of night. The rest of the guests we transported to car park at about 7 a.m. Quite a few had tears in their eyes.
Comforting thing is that we can meet one more time when we go to other countries. We are looking forward to this!


(written by Marcelin a Piechaczek, translation: Dawid Dopart)



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